Get Your District of Columbia

Reciprocity License

Do You Want To Get Your Reciprocity Real Estate License in District of Columbia?

We have created reciprocity programs for MD, VA, and DC to make it VERY EASY to get your real estate license in another jurisdiction.  We have a 100% pass rate with our webinar.  

Just watch the webinar the day before and you will pass the exam the very next day!  Along with the webinar, we include a book & checklist so going through the process of getting your real estate license is as easy as possible! 

District of Columbia Prep Exam Package includes:

1. Checklist for getting your DC reciprocity license

2. DC License Exam Webinar

3. DC Real Estate Law Exam Prep Book

This book teaches you everything you need to know to take the DC Law question exam and pass it the first time!

4. DC Real Estate Law Review - these are the questions which we believe are helpful to know so you can pass the exam the first time. You can find the answers from the Law Book. 

Note: 3-Hour DC Fair Housing Class is not included in this package. Please register for it separately. 

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